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Rotten / Decay Log Problems

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Moisture is the number one problem in rotten log replacement. Windsor Log Home Restoration will perform a detailed inspection on your home to see what your moisture levels are. Typically we have found if we find an area with moisture levels over 25% on a constant basis that there is rotten log issue or there will be soon. Windsor Log Home Restoration replaces your rotten log area but we also determine what caused this to happen so that the problem can be fixed making sure you no longer have issues causing log rot.

Where Rotten Log Problems show up:

  • Upward Facing Checks in logs (Large Cracks in Logs)
  • Bottom Course Logs
  • Areas with no gutters
  • Butt Joint Areas
  • Dove Tails
  • Around Windows
  • Splashback areas on deck
  • Improper Flashing
  • Chimneys
  • Railings
  • Pickets
  • Improper Caulking

"Click Here" - Causes and Control for Wood Decay

Sure signs of Log Rot :

  • Mushrooms
  • Mildew is associated with moisture.. Mildew is usually powdery in texture and can be white, brown, yellow, gray, green or black in color.
  • Sapstain also known as blue stain, may be present in logs when they are cut down or milled. Sapstain can cause a red, brown, blue or back coloration that can involve many hues. Such logs should be properly sealed to prevent decay.
  • Brown Rot is the main cause of decay in log homes. In early stages it forms white spots but later it turns brown and can cause wood to become soft and crumble.
  • Dry Rot, like brown rot, is a form of wood rot that can spread quickly but dry rot can infect dry wood but still needs moisture to spread and grow.
  • White Rot may make wood look bleached and is most commonly found in hardwoods.
  • Pocket Rot is is usually visible as white specks on the surface on logs.
  • Soft Rot is usually a shallow form of rot found in badly weathered wood.

Log Rot Insects

Beetle Infestations are discovered after noticing small, round "shotholes" in the wood surface. These are exit holes where adult beetles have chewed out of the wood. Several kinds of beetles damage structural timbers.. The tunneling activities of the larvae and the emergence of adults can weaken wood and may destroy your log homes appearance.

Wood-boring beetles come from at least 12 insect families and vary greatly in size, wood preference, nature of damage and other habits. Although preventing beetle infestations is desirable, control measures are available if infestations are found. To control wood-boring beetles, it is extremely important that the beetles or beetle damage be identified properly, as control measures vary by species.

Other insects also attack and damage wood, including termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees. Their appearance and damage characteristics vary greatly.

Process for treating and preventing beetle infestation.

  • 1. Detection
  • 2. Identification
  • 3. Prevention
  • 4. Moisture Control
  • 5. Wood Replacement
  • 6. Surface Treatment with Insecticides.

Log Home Repair

Windsor Log Home Restoration - GA, NC, TN, SC

Log Home Restoration - GA, NC, TN, SC

Rotten Logs - GA, NC, TN, SC

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Windsor Log Home Restoration
PO Box 1963 
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