The Carpenter Bee Chamber

Scientific studies have shown that 3.3% of your home is affected by Carpenter Bees. Approximately 1.5 billion dollars of damage occurs in homes each year. They inhabit the wood on our homes, barns, and storage structures. Carpenter bees often construct nests in exterior structural wood; decorative wood such as siding, fascia boards and trim and in log homes. A perfectly round hole one-half inch in diameter is chewed in the surface of the wood then a tunnel is bored at ninety degrees to the entrance. The carpenter bees are capable of drilling up to twelve feet deep into the wood with tiny tunneled chambers a few inches deep springing from the main corridor. Into each little cavity, she will deposit an egg and proceed to enable it to hatch. These tunnels can be used year after year, creating generations of drilling power, lengthening the tunnel with each passing generation, leaving damage to the wood and integrity of the structure. But it does not end there. The larva that is placed within these cavities attracts equally menacing creatures. According to, “When you have numerous carpenter bee nests, you will have numerous larva. The larva of carpenter bees is large and noisy. They make enough noise to attract woodpeckers. Buildings which have woodpeckers damaging exposed wood probably have some type of larval activity which is attracting the birds. This insect is most likely carpenter bee larva.”

The Carpenter Bee Chamber was created in the North Georgia Mountains by Earl Windsor III. Earl is no stranger to these menacing carpenter bees and the destruction they cause to thousands of homes every year. Earl has over 10 years experience in the log home industry and has seen numerous homes damaged by carpenter bees. Our restoration businesses lead us to the creation of the Carpenter Bee Chamber. We have restored many log homes, and one of the most troublesome issues we had to deal with was carpenter bee damage. We have tried many different techniques to get rid of these menacing carpenter bees such as: chemicals, timing issues, nest destruction and many more…… These processes were very discouraging to us and our customers because we did not get the results we needed. This began Earl’s journey of researching the carpenter bee’s habits and ways of life. The result was the 100% non-toxic Carpenter Bee Chamber. This device allows you to rid your home of carpenter bees without the use of any other method on the market. The Carpenter Bee Chamber was designed to follow the natural habitat of the carpenter bee without disrupting what they love doing most, making nests. The wood of the Carpenter Bee Chamber has been naturally dipped in a 100% non- toxic solution. There are strategically placed entrance chambers for the carpenter bees to enter. We have also added a non-toxic trapping agent within the chambers of the trap. You will be 100% satisfied with the results of the Carpenter Bee Chamber. “Once they enter, they never leave”.

The Carpenter Bee Chamber will help you eliminate this continuous egg laying process. Simply locate a hot spot, screw down each end of the device with a single tool, and sit back and watch the bees disappear from your home.

The Carpenter Bee Chamber traps the bees where they die.

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