Historical Log Home Restoration

Historical Log Home Restoration
Log cabins date back as early as the American settlers. These folks built log structures as a temporary home until they could finance and build a better one. Typically though, many of these temporary structures became permanent homes that were built onto and housed families for generations. Over the years, these homes that were once thought of as crude and primitive became desired and somewhat reproduced. Modern day log homes do not possess the craftsmanship of those build by settlers’ back breaking blood, sweat and tears. The artistry and craftsmanship of that era are all but lost. Not only did the settlers build log homes, but also outbuildings and barns. Although those homes were highly crafted, they still withstood countless years of Mother Nature’s sometimes cruel punishment of weather and time. Windsor Log Home Restoration can help restore the natural beauty of any age home or structure.
Historical Restoration consists of reclaimed timber which is air dried over a period of many years, as a result making it difficult find. We specialize in historical log home restoration and the preservation of historic log cabins and we can find your reclaimed logs. We search and locate logs from many species and from all across the nation to use when restoring historical homes to ensure the integrity of the home and keep the sound quality. We replace rotten logs from that time and era. We have logs available from 100-250 years old. This allows Windsor Log Home Restoration to match and preserve the heritage of historical value of the cabin.

Windsor Log Home Repair and Restoration can supply vintage materials based on availability for homeowners wishing to preserve historical log cabins. We replace rotten logs or reface them to have an identical look of the aged logs. We can match the distressed look and stain of the existing logs. We offer historical log restoration services located throughout the United States.

On a budget? No problem. You can afford Historical Restoration with our techniques.
We also have special techniques and procedures to make new lumber look like antique logs. So if you are on a budget and want to use new logs we can make them mimic antique or vintage logs.

Whether your home was built circa 1800’s or last year, every log home deserves to have its natural beauty shine through! Call Windsor Log Home Restoration today to have a conversation about the condition of your home and what it will take to give it life again. Our extensive knowledge of log homes dates back several generations. Taking care of these log homes is the most vital part of our business. That is why we are able to restore and preserve each and every one to its fullest potential.
Call Windsor Log Home Restoration today! We put the life back into your log home!

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