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Windsor Log Home Restoration is owned and operated by Earl Windsor, III and his wife Carey Windsor. Earl’s extensive knowledge of log homes dates all the way back to Earl’s grandfather and his knowledge of traditional log homes. Taking care of these log homes is the most vital part of the business. That is why it is so important to decide the proper way to restore and preserve each and every home back to its fullest potential.

Earl and his team have the experience and management expertise to restore any log home or log structure back to its original beauty. They are certified with the Zero Failures Program with Sashco. Zero Failures is an intense two-day technical course that combines equal amounts of time in the classroom and hands on training. Here they perfect their skills by learning new techniques and by gaining a scientific understanding of wood technology. They strengthen their knowledge of the best practices for log home product application and the differences between wood and logs and how to best maintain them, along with hands on preparations for staining and chinking in order to remain log home maintenance experts.

The Windsor Log Home Restoration team has been certified through the Perma-Chink and P3 Sikkens workshops in mastering the proper application of their products through in depth and hands on training. Other techniques mastered include: the removal of old finishes, application of stains and sealants, and tools of the trade. They continue to constantly update their knowledge, and regularly attend seminars and log home classes.
We insist the number one priority on any job is to meet our customer’s needs. Extensive experience enables Windsor log home restoration to choose the proper methods to restore and preserve your home.

Windsor Log Home Restoration specializes in Log Home Repair. We specialize in the cosmetic repair and structural replacement in log and timber homes. Many times log replacement companies are difficult to find making it a struggle to repair your log home. Our experience and knowledge will assist you in finding the close match to your log home when replacing your logs. We replace, “D” Logs, Round Logs, Square Logs, Half-Logs, Chink Siding, and Hand Hewn.
We only use quality log home products, which have proven their self time and time again.
Each log home requires different methods and techniques, and for these reasons we use a wide variety of log home products.

Our crew has been with us for many years now and has become a part of the Windsor log home restoration family. They are very experienced and knowledgeable in techniques and procedures to properly maintain log homes.
Our experience in the log home industry will help you accomplish all of your log home goals. You will feel rest assured that when you choose Windsor Log Home Restoration to complete your log home, we will succeed all of your expectations.
Windsor Log Home Restoration values their customers. We look forward to speaking with you about your log home and its own unique and personal needs. Windsor Log Home Restoration will work with our clients to find the proper solution for your log home needs. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of techniques and procedures to restore your cabin back to pristine condition.

Visit our website at www.windsorloghomerestoration.com or on Twitter @WindsorLogHome for more information on how we can put the life back into your log home!

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