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Windsor Log Home Restoration has the experience and management expertise to restore any log home structure back to its original beauty. We are certified with the Zero Failures Program with Sashco and the Perma-Chink applicators certified workshop, and P3 Sikkens. We insist the number one priority on any job is to meet our customer’s needs. Extensive experience enables Windsor log home restoration to choose the proper methods to restore and preserve your home.

Log Home Living

Living in a log home is a dream for countless people. For many, it has taken years to save and plan for; even long into their retirement years. Log homes are a way of life, not just a dwelling place. For these reasons, we must protect the investment that has taken so long to realize. This means protection from degradation and decomposition, otherwise known as rot. The most common misconception regarding log home rot is that most people believe the origin of the rot is the presence of insects. The actual definition of rot is to deteriorate, disintegrate, fall, or become weak due to decay as a result of bacterial or fungal action.  Let us explore this further.
The bacterial or fungal action needed to cause rot in wood has four main components that are present together in order to begin the decay process. These are: heat, oxygen, a food source, and moisture.  If any one of these components is not present, the decay process will not begin.  The only one of these components that is controllable is moisture or water. Keeping the structure dry is essential to prevent the growth of decaying rot that can cause significant damage.
Log home builders recommend several options to employ when designing your home. First, the exterior logs must have a proper “breathable” finish that can repel rain and condensation from the outside while allowing moisture that is inside the logs to be expelled.  Moisture content in a log has many variables that be discussed with your builder prior to building. In addition, log homes can actually soak up a lot of moisture without being noticed until it is too late.  The next recommendation from log home builders is to have adequate overhangs when possible. Overhangs prevent water from being in contact with the majority of the side walls. Guttering is also very important. Keeping gutters in place and in proper working order to allow proper drainage of rain water and to prevent as much splashing from the roof as possible.  It is also necessary to protect the lower logs at the base of the structure and around decking from splashing. Having the proper flashing and sealant between the logs and the deck is essential. While the exterior logs must be re-stained and re-sealed every 6-8 years for proper maintenance, the surfaces behind decks will not be accessible without removal of the deck.
The rotting damage sustained from constant moisture often goes undetected and unseen until there is significant damage. The fungi may grow inside the log of a home until the log is beyond repair. In the event of such damage, only a professional Log Home Restoration company can completely rid the area of all bacterial and fungal matter.
Windsor Log Home Restoration is a nationwide company that can travel anywhere in the United States in order to restore and preserve any type of log home structure. Earl S Windsor III, owner of the company states that, “If it is wood, we will preserve it to its natural beauty. We never replace partial logs. In order to properly repair a decaying log, it needs to be fully removed and replaced with a new log. We don’t cut corners in our business we want to make sure every spec of log rot is gone to ensure you will no longer have any rot issues with your home.“ Every log used by Windsor Log Home Restoration is custom milled and cut to match the existing logs of the home.  An exact match of wood type, size, and shape of the log is necessary to ensure the best repair for each individual log home.  Each log home repair also requires a different method of repair, therefore a wide variety of log home products are used.
Prevention is the key when it comes to home maintenance. Windsor Log Home Restoration will perform a detailed inspection on your home. We will determine moisture levels and assess any potential threats. Windsor Log Home Restoration replaces your rotten log area but we also determine what caused this to happen so that the problem can be fixed making sure you no longer have issues causing log rot. Give Windsor Log Home Restoration a call for your log home repair needs.
“We put the life back into your log home!”